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Workshop about Management 3.0 at the Tokyo Business Meetup

At September 29, 2016 I did a short workshop at the Tokyo Business Meetup.
I introduced “Management 3.0 – A New Approach” and played the Moving Motivators Game with the audience from Japan and all over the world.

The Tokyo Business Meetup an Tokyo-based group for business people in Tokyo as well as any visitors from abroad wanting to connect with Tokyo business circles. Members are local business owners, people working at foreign capital and Japanese companies, entrepreneurs and students as well.
It was my first time to present Management 3.0 as an official facilitator. It was a lot of fun and I received inspiring feedback which helps me on my journey to introduce it here in Japan.
It am really thankful for this opportunity and for the great discussions afterwards.

The presentation material in English:
[slideshare id=66591923&doc=management3-160930094002&w=426]
The presentation material in Japanese:
[slideshare id=68314717&doc=m30anewapproach20161107-161107095515&w=426]