NüWorks Mission Statement

NüWorks wants to challenge the status-quo of leadership and support the transformation of companies into innovative and diverse workplaces where happiness and positiveness are enhanced. We shape the future of work in Japan and worldwide!

NüWorks Philosophy and Vision

NüWorks contributes to improving leadership and management practices and the work environment by leveraging them to a higher level where everyone in the companies’ ecosystem benefits: better work environments, greater companies, delighted customers, and happy employees.
Based on research and learnings from positive psychology, we offer corporate training, workshops, coaching, facilitation and consulting, mainly organized around two complementary ranges of services:

  • “Agile” and “Management 3.0” leadership training and facilitation as public or in-house workshops for managers and change agents, leading to change management projects.
  • Executive and leadership coaching as face-to-face or online sessions supporting managers, leaders and their teams to strengthen their leadership and intercultural competencies.

Positive psychology is a major foundation of our work. It refers to “the scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing”(Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi 2000), of “what makes life most worth living” (Peterson 2008).

NüWorks lives by the following core values: happiness, inspiration and energy. The company’s personnel commits to behave with transparency and openness, with fairness and authenticity, flexibility and agility. We believe in our clients’ greatness and empower them to grow and thrive with curiosity, creativity and positivity.

Our vision is to become the reference in the transformation of companies in Japan and worldwide into innovative and diverse future enterprises by improving management and leadership practices and changing the work environment into engaging, attractive and sustainable workplaces, where all stakeholders, including employees and customers, are satisfied and happy. We orientate here our goals and behaviour as suggested by the traditional Japanese business principles 三方よし“Sanpouyoshi”, doing business to benefit all parties: clients 買い手よし, vendors 売り手よし, and the whole society 世間よし.


Company Overview

Company Name NuWorks LLC
(in Japanese: NuWorks合同会社、in German:NüWorks)
Company Location 15-6-601 Nihonbashi-Tomizawacho
Tokyo 103-0006
Director Stefan Nüsperling

Lionel Bikart

Foundation Date October 3rd, 2016
Capital 5,000,000JPY
Business content
    • Consulting, education, training, and coaching services
    • Coaching, consulting and training services related to Agile, Scrum, and Management 3.0
    • Support services for Change Management and Agile Transformation
    • Planning, operation, and implementation of public and private workshops, events, and educational trainings