The Importance of Happy Workplaces in Japan

(original published at LinkedIn in March 21, 2017)

Working at a Japanese company in Japan can be quite challenging. It is demanding and hard work is regarded as a beautiful thing. When I worked with Japanese companies, I mostly felt that a lot of people are not really happy in doing what they are doing. It seemed to me that work is experienced more as a duty and obligation, not something you could actually enjoy. And in fact only 44% feel “well-being” at their jobs in Japan (2016 Edenred-Ipsos Barometer).


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Japanese Moving Motivators Game is Now Available!

Two questions are often asked in organizations worldwide: What motivates my team? And how can we motivate the people in our organization?
These are important questions indeed, because without motivation nothing would be produced. “Firms exist to coordinate and motivate people’s economic activity” as John Roberts writes in his book The Modern Firm.

The Moving Motivators is a tool from Management 3.0 which helps you finding answers to these questions. I always use it with my clients and it helps us to gain great insights and of course we have a lot of fun. Until now the game was only available in English but I am happy to present to you the Japanese version.

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