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Arnab has joined NÜWORKS!

We recently welcomed a new member, Arnab, at NuWorks!
We asked him about his experiences so far and what he wants to do as part of our team.
Here is part 1 of the interview!

Arnab Gupta

15 years of applying innovation & entrepreneurship to products, services, and business models. Practitioner & Coach of Agile, Lean Startup, Service Design methodologies.


Where did you learn about NuWorks?

I met Stefan at the Agile Japan conference a few years ago. I saw that he was advocating Management 3.0 and then start NuWorks. I attended a couple of his workshops and got to know more about the company. There was a lot of similarities to our visions. And since our careers span roughly the same length, we have seen a lot of the same developments over the years.


Why did you decide to join NuWorks?

What I like about NuWorks is that it strives to “eat its own dogfood”. (See reference here) This phrase may be unfamiliar to some people, but it means that we practice what we preach. We try to implement the Management 3.0 philosophy in our organization and work practices. It’s not at all easy, but I think the sincere effort is what keeps our motivation high.

Also, I like that the company vision is focused but very flexible. Under the umbrella concepts of positive psychology and organization agility, we are ready to learn and experiment with many solutions, methods, and tools that are trying to make the experience of working a joyous one.


What will you do at NuWorks?

I am tasked with creating a new offering, that will address the real needs of our clients. These are mainly companies that are trying to become more agile and innovative.
One of the things I am planning on developing for starters is a workshop that will address design thinking and business design to help teams rapidly innovate (while having fun!).
I will also help with widening Management 3.0’s market in Japan.


Continued in part 2…