Management 3.0 Facilitator Retreat 2022

On December 3rd and 4th, the Management 3.0 Facilitator Retreat took place. It was the first time since the pandemic that facilitators from all over the world could meet in person again. It was long anticipated and I did not need to think twice. When it was announced I reserved a spot for Kashima-san and me. Luckily it was directly after the Management 3.0 Forward Conference in Berlin. (more…)

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Empowerment at NuWorks with the example of Kumiko’s 4 years anniversary

Time flies! Kumiko, our co-worker at NuWorks works now already for 4 years here.
When she joined my company in 2017 her tasks were quite limited. She was mainly doing translation of workshop material and website translations. But as the business of NuWorks grew also her responsibilities grew. Nowadays she is doing all the marketing of NuWorks, managing and organization of workshops, being involved in the business development activities and even running her own workshops now.
I am pretty sure that without her engagement NuWorks could not have become what it is today. And Management 3.0 would not as successful in Japan as it is now. Thank you, Kumiko! 🙂


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