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Merry Christmas !

Dear all

The NüWorks team wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for being part of the NüWorks community.When Stefan founded NüWorks in 2016, he could not have dreamed of, what has been achieved by today. His vision was to bring a new way of working style to Japanese companies by offering different perspectives. That’s why he chose the name “NüWorks” (pronounced New Works, ニューワークス), which shall imply a New Workstyle. Furthermore, his last name is Nüsperling, so it has a double meaning 🙂

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Let us share with you this year’s achievements:


Kumiko is now working at NuWorks for 4 years and has had a great influence on the NüWorks ecosystem, that’s why she became Chief Operating Officer in October.

Yasuyuki Kashima joined NüWorks as the Chief Strategy Officer, became Management 3.0 and Lean Change Management facilitator. He created a partnership between NuWorks and DBIC and we ran several workshops there which allowed us to reach many managers.

Ai has worked on our marketing improvement and we like to express our gratitude for your cooperation!
Our executive and leadership coaching business continued growing at a fast pace in 2021, impacting the lives of many more leaders and their teams worldwide.

Lionel entered a few promising strategic partnerships this year, became a Certified AQai Professional (AQai Adaptability Assessments Practitioner) and completed a comprehensive team coaching certification, becoming one of the first Certified Practitioner in Team Coaching (by the Global Team Coaching Institute/EMCC).
Lionel plans in 2022 to become one of the very few Master Certified Coaches (MCC/ICF) in Japan.

It’s Stefan’s 6th year as a Management 3.0 facilitator, third year as Lean Change Management facilitator.
This year he has received the Certificate of Practice from Management 3.0 and plans to become an IC-AgileAgility in HR” facilitator in January.

We have done 38 public, in-house and free workshops with 559 participants. The overall rating is 8.31/10 and the Net Promoter Score is +20,96.
Over 1200 members are in the Management 3.0 Doorkeeper community.


I am very glad that you helped us to achieve all this and we are looking forward to the upcoming year.
Let’s change Japan together!

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Happy New Year,

Stefan, Lionel, Kumiko, Yasuyuki