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Facilitation Case: Online Team-Building Workshop for New Recruits at NTT Communications

NTT Communications contacted NuWorks with the request to conduct a team-building workshop for their over 220 new company employees. As this workshop was conducted in 2020, the challenge was to do it online. The goal of the training was to give the newcomers a chance to get to know each other, create a team spirit and get used to collaborating in a remote environment.

The workshop design contained many games from Management 3.0 and we facilitated a deep dialogue to make it a highly interactive and enjoyable experience.

NTT Communications – leading global provider of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions

NTT Communications is part of the NTT Group and ranks among the top 100 in the Fortune Global 500. By serving over 10,000 enterprise clients in more than 70 countries and regions, NTT Communications offers managed IT infrastructure solutions to address complex and risky IT environments. The company’s extensive infrastructure includes industry-leading public and private networks in over 190 countries, advanced data centre facilities, and cutting-edge cloud, security, and AI technologies. As a core provider of NTT DOCOMO’s enterprise services, NTT Communications supports global-scale industry and societal restructuring, new workstyles, and digital transformation through 5G, IoT, and other technologies.

Engaging Onboarding Workshops to Foster Team Collaboration and Motivation

NTT Communications is running onboarding training every year for their new employees in April and May. As those newcomers don’t know each other yet, the HR department contacted NuWorks to request an engaging workshop to deepen the relationships and camaraderie in the group. First of all, they should get energized and motivated for their upcoming team formations and challenges. Furthermore, they are learning new tools and practices which they can use in their new teams to improve collaboration and communication, especially in a remote environment.
As NuWorks has been using gamification and self-organization in our workshops for many years and puts worker happiness and well-being first, we were the perfect match for NTT Communications’ needs.
During some online sessions, we designed together with the HR team a rich training which had short parts of input and many games and discussions between peers.

Enhancing Team Connection and Practicing Appreciation

The participants, divided into two groups and further into teams of five, engaged in deep dialogues through breakout sessions to foster team-building skills that could be applied in their work environments. We emphasized the principles of Management 3.0 by promoting self-organization and autonomous teams. The two facilitators from NuWorks and three assistants from NTT Communication played a supportive role, guiding participants without intervening directly. Key activities included creating Personal Maps to introduce team members, identifying commonalities, and forming unique team names. Additionally, we played the Moving Motivators game to help the participants understand each other’s motivations more deeply. Moreover, they practised gratitude and expressed their feelings to their team members by experiencing the KUDO cards. This structure aimed to enhance well-being, engagement, and collaboration, setting the foundation for strong team dynamics within the company.

Some of the participant’s comments were “Let’s go out for a drink again! Let’s connect on social networking sites.” or “I’m glad to be on this team!”. The groups had high energy and we saw many smiling faces which was great feedback for us as well. And we hope they cherish these relationships and build connections both at work and outside of it.

Engagement, Happiness and Learning for all Participants through this Onboarding Training

Over 200 positive feedback were received after the onboarding workshop, here are some highlights from their comments:

  • The training fostered relationships and value-sharing among my peers.
  • The remote interactions allowed us to create strong ties within teams
  • The Personal maps exercise helped to bring the team members closer, and I want to implement these practices in my own team.
  • Relationship-building, motivation, and appreciation are crucial for team collaboration.
  • Understanding and practising self-organization were very valuable lessons.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to share past initiatives and experiences.
  • For me, this was a unique experience of getting to know new colleagues within such a short timeframe.

Additionally, our client from Human Resources, Ms. Ami Okuyama, noted that the fully online conduction facilitated great active engagement and useful learning in the group. Likewise, we are deeply grateful to the HR personnel at NTT Communications Corporation for their collaboration in structuring this training.

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