Transformative Team Engagement Workshop led to 8.5x Sales Surge

In November 2021 we did a workshop Big Bell whose main business is an on-demand printing and document storage B2B business for large corporations. They contacted us to run an in-house team building workshop with the main goal of improving the lack of communication in the teams.
In this interactive in-house training, we used tools, games and practices from Management 3.0 and Lean Change Management to foster better interaction between the team members and create a healthier work environment.
After the workshop, the team experimented with the practices from the workshop and the sales increased 8.5 times compared to the previous month. (more…)

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Management 3.0 Facilitator Retreat 2022

On December 3rd and 4th, the Management 3.0 Facilitator Retreat took place. It was the first time since the pandemic that facilitators from all over the world could meet in person again. It was long anticipated and I did not need to think twice. When it was announced I reserved a spot for Kashima-san and me. Luckily it was directly after the Management 3.0 Forward Conference in Berlin. (more…)

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How a Team-building workshop improved my Work (a Success Story)

Today I am glad to share an interesting story about dSPACE, a German high-tech company operating in Japan. I am talking with Karsten Fischer, who is the Group Leader of two teams at dSPACE Japan. Karsten joined my Management 3.0 (Agile Leadership) and Lean Change Management workshop in November 2019. He started implementing Management 3.0 practices in his teams. At the beginning of this year, he approached NuWorks to organize a team-building, IKIGAI and vision building workshop with his teams.
I am happy to share the interview with you.


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