[Diversity Dojo] IKIGAI Card Game Workshop

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What do you get up for in the morning?
What is the right job for you?
How can you make good use of your strengths in society?
What do you really want and what is necessary that it become reality?



This unique game helps you, or your clients, to find the answer to those questions.

The IKIGAI concept has been drawing attention in the world for several years. And this unique coaching game helps to ask the right questions to find the right direction for your life. The IKIGAI card game takes into account preferences, talents, skills and the realities of the market so you can make a balanced choice.

The IKIGAI card game can be played alone, in pairs for in a group of people. As a group of people has the best power to reflect on each other, we will explore together each others’ deep desire.
Let’s enjoy the game while learning about the background of the concept and finding your IKIGAI!



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